Ultra Compact 4-Bay Intelligent Battery Charger

ELSIS BC-2014 Ultra-Compact Intelligent Battery Charger is capable of charging 4 batteries at the same time, including Li-Po batteries. It also has the ability to charge different types of batteries with suitable adapters.


Air Traffic Radar Control System Power supply, distribution and control system

In a system of the device whose instantaneous output power reaches 15 kW, 16 units are used simultaneously. The product, which can communicate at high speed via 1-gigabit Ethernet infrastructure, can meet all the control and power needs of the radar system. At the same time, it is extremely reliable with its highly efficient and compact structure.


Power supply and power distribution unit for land and naval platform radio systems.

The product, which is compatible with a 19″ rack cabinet and has 11 independent outputs with a height of 1U, can generate a total output power of 4kW while meeting all the supply requirements of radio systems. The unit can operate with both universal AC input and 18-36 VDC input, with the ability to seamlessly switch between the two.

MSI Turkey Interview

On the occasion of our company’s 50th anniversary, Behçet Tonak and Pekin Tonak covered Elsis’ 50-year history in an interview with MSI Magazine, one of the most established magazines in the Turkish defense industry.


15th Defense Industry Fair

We participated with our new generation equipment in the 15th Defense Industry Fair, which was held in Istanbul TUYAP from August 7to 20, 2021. We would like to thank all our domestic and foreign visitors for their interest.